In my real estate business, I strive to provide my clients with the “highest and best opportunities” available. I refer my clients to Prime Closing because they offer this same level of service. I am proud to team up with Prime Closing because I value trust and integrity. I trust that they will represent my clients well and provide them with the “highest and best opportunity” for a successful real estate transaction. They operate with the level of integrity that my clients deserve. They consistently make me proud to do business with them.
Jolene Barrington, Broker
Live Real Estate
My clients are my #1 priority, and that’s why I enjoy working with Prime Closing. They treat my clients like I treat my clients, which makes for a perfect team approach to total client satisfaction. Not only do they collectively possess countless years of experience in the real estate industry, they are also genuinely wonderful people. They take the time to thoroughly explain documents and answer difficult questions with knowledge and ease, and they go the extra mile by showing a heart-felt interest in every client they meet. Because I frequently have a say in who I work with for real estate closings, it is important that my client’s walk away feeling confident I connected them with friendly, qualified professionals. I never have a doubt when I put my trust in Prime Closing.
Tracy Penna, Broker
Having been in the real estate business for nearly 28 years in Spokane, I have used dozens of different closing/escrow agents and title companies. For the last several years, if I have had any choice in the matter, I and my clients always use Prime Closing. Prime is fast, responsive, they are great problem solvers, fantastic communicators, and equally important, they are wonderful at putting my clients at ease throughout the process. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty many times to get my transactions closed on time. In fact, several of my investor and corporate clients also insist on using Prime Closing for their transactions as well. If you are looking for a closing/escrow company to be a part of your team that you can trust, that gets the job done right and stands behind their work, you cannot go wrong with the great team at Prime Closing. I stake my reputation on it!
Tim Ray, Broker
Kelly Right Real Estate
Since becoming a Realtor in 2005, Prime Closing has been my first choice for closings. The professionalism, service and communication they provide is second to none. They keep me informed of my transactions. And whether it’s coming in early, staying after hours or even going to the client for signatures, they do what it takes to get the job done and done well. Without question, Prime Closing provides the best service for me and my clients."--
Dyer Davis, Broker
As a veteran real estate agent, I’ve learned the value of having a dependable set of resources. I can’t count the number of times clients have expressed their gratitude to me for such a smooth transaction. A small yet very efficient office of professionals at Prime Closing have an enormous amount of years & experience in the business – they know the ins and outs. They treat me and my clients with the utmost respect and go so many extra miles to do whatever is necessary to ensure the job is done & done right! Having Prime Closing handling my clients’ closings gives me the utmost in peace of mind. They are simply as good as it gets in the closing business!
Dan Pasby, Broker
For most people, buying or selling a home is the one of the biggest steps they will take in their lives. After months and sometimes years, the entire process usually concludes at a closing office. I am so thankful for the great people at Prime Closing & Escrow. They truly care about my customers and it is reflected in their professionalism, courtesy and the service that they provide. I want my customers experience to be the very best from start to finish. Prime Closing & Escrow recognizes and appreciates the importance of their role in the process and makes every effort to ensure that my customers feel well served through the final step of their transaction!
Brad Spears, Broker
Home Sales Spokane
I have had the opportunity to work with Prime Closing for many years. They have consistently provided a high level of customer service - both to the Realtors and the buyers/sellers. Communication is an easy process. The closers take a personal interest in the transaction and are very patient and knowledgeable in explaining the sometimes intricate paperwork that is involved. I would highly recommend Prime Closing.
Melinda Denton, Broker
Coldwell Banker Tomlinson South
Surrounding myself with highly competent, industry professionals has been key in growing my real estate business to where it is today. I consider Deb Thompson and her support staff at Prime Closing an invaluable partner, as I maintain a standard of excellence in serving my clients.
John Leland, Broker
ReMax Inland Empire
Prime Closing is always great! If you are looking for a flexible closing company with good rates. You need to check out Prime Closing. I personally have been in real estate over 10 years, and have not found a better closer then Debbie Thompson. Thank you for making my job easier!
Dan McGuire, Broker
Kelly Right Real Estate
I was introduced to Prime Real Estate Closings several months ago and had such a great experience with them. Since then, I've never used anyone else. I deal with many unconventional real estate transactions and the gals over at Prime have been more than accommodating. I couldn't recommend them enough for your real estate closing or escrow needs!
Nathan Price, Broker
Kelly Right Real Estate
Having been a professional realtor for several decades I acknowledge that the final steps of getting a home closed depends on the efficiency and professionalism of the closing office. Cynthia Azevedo and Debbie Thompson are two of the finest closers in the business. You can count on them to professionally get the job done in a timely fashion.
Dwight Hille, Broker
My experience with Prime Real Estate Closing is exceptional. Their entire staff is professional, courteous and efficient. I am always confident that the last piece of my real estate transaction, signing at the closing table with Cynthia Azevedo, will be a positive and joyful experience for my clients. Prime Real Estate Closing is an intricate part of my successful real estate team.
Yvonne DeBill, Broker
There are several closing companies in Spokane that do a good job in closing real estate transactions but there is only one that I know of that does a GREAT job in closing real estate transactions and that is Prime Real Estate Closing & Escrow!!! The staff there is very knowledgeable, thorough, dependable, quick and always willing to answer questions and help in any way! To all my real estate associates, if you haven’t tried Prime Real Estate Closing & Escrow, give them a try-you won’t be disappointed!
David Graesser, Broker
As a Realtor in Spokane I am always searching for the right affiliates to be part of my support group in the list and sale of real estate. Having Prime Closing as my preferred closing company. I am confident and assured that all my closings will be done on time and professionally. A strong support group is very essential to my business and I recommend Prime Closing to anyone thinking about or in the process of the biggest purchase of their lives.
Justin Asher, Broker
Asher Associate Brokers
There is always a smile to greet you at Prime Closing and their role in my real estate transactions have been impeccable!
Tom Robertson, Broker
Windermere/Deer Park
Tanna St. Marie and Prime Closing provide excellent service and professionalism when informing my clients in preparation for the closing of their home. This is a stressful time for clients especially when purchasing their most valued asset...a home. Prime Closing understands this and always goes way above and beyond to assure that everyone has a positive, comfortable experience at the closing table.
Patti Boyd, Broker
Century 21